Welcome to 5P Capital

Introducing a Venture Capital Fund for smart mobility & clean tech projects.
Creating superior returns for investors by engaging in hardware & software start-ups.


We create superior returns for our investors by engaging in hardware & software start-ups early and by following up with the high potentials, having superior access to an outstanding network with strong partners like RWTH Aachen University as one of the most renowned engineering universities.


We invest to make profit, but our investment is more than financial. We address the challenges of engineering start-ups in our fund concept, by offering technical and design support and mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs. We offer a worldwide and experienced Ramp-Up Factory network with certified engineering and development partners.

Window to the Future

The 5P Alternative Investment Fund concept offers a ´Window to the Future´ for investors, offering on top of the investment, the opportunity to actively participate and strategically step into the future of smart mobility solutions.

5P capital Window to the Future