Our Concept

We make hardware startups successful in a very early phase by tackling the four biggest challenges

Engineering for Equity

Engineering for Equity

The first challenge is to tackle the extremely high costs for a prototype in a very early stage bearing a high risk.
Ramp-Up Factory

Ramp-Up Factory

The second challenge is to overcome the scalability problem in a pre-series phase combined with high investments required.
Mentoring Engineering Competence

Mentoring Engineering Competence

The third challenge is to handle the missing experience in all relevant fields to become a successful start-up.
Return on Engineering (RoE)

Return on Engineering (RoE)

The fourth challenge is to have the right methods on the growth journey to be sustainably successful.

The 5Ps

Our concept offers significant advantages for startups and ensures successful investments


With a unique fund concept we will have superior access to start-ups


With our broad network we support the start-ups reducing their risks, increasing quality and accelerating speed of development

Practical Experiences

We are not only investors, we are entrepreneurs ourselves


With substantial investments in early phases, the growth potential is significantly higher


We are not waiting for a star, we created tools to push the start -ups to their ups to their ups to their ups to their ups to their limit

EPT – PEM Institute RWTH Aachen

The EPT, Elektromobliproduktionstag, attracts not only the engineering community but also investors seeking for innovative ideas and investment opportunities out of the Ramp-up Factory network

A new way to invest in smart

mobility & clean-tech

5P Capital is a capital management advisory firm. We advise investment funds with respect to their venture capital activities. Further information can be made available on request.